ASK Architects is a comprehensive architects office in the field of architecture and planning. Building design, restoration, furniture design, planning and design management are among our common tasks.
Past years the number of staff has been around 20 architects, interiour architects and assistants.

 ASK Architect's partners:

Gunnar Bogi Borgarsson architect F.A.Í.
Gunnar Örn Sigurðsson architect F.A.Í.
Helgi Már Halldórsson architect F.A.Í.
Páll Gunnlaugsson architect F.A.Í.
Sigríður Halldórsdóttir architect F.A.Í.
Sigurlaug Sigurjónsdóttir architect F.A.Í.
Valdimar Harðarson architect F.A.Í.
Þorsteinn Helgason architect F.A.Í.

Managing director:Páll Gunnlaugsson architect F.A.Í.