MosfellsbŠr Culture centre and Church

MosfellsbŠr is a small community north of ReykjavÝk, the capital of Iceland.á One of the major attractions in MosfellsbŠr for years has been the ┴lafoss factory outlet in ┴lafosskvosin, on the site where Icelandĺs woollens industry was launched more than a hundred years ago.
MosfellsbŠrĺs favourite son is Halldˇr Laxness (1902-1998), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1955. He was born in ReykjavÝk but at the age of three moved with his parents to the farm Laxnes in Mosfellsdalur valley, where he lived until he published his first novel at the age of 17. After more than two decades of almost continuous travel and writing under the nom de plume Laxness, which he took in homage to his childhood home, he had a house built nearby at Glj˙frasteinn, where he lived almost until his death in 1998.
In january 2009 there was an open architects competition for a combined church and culturalcenter containing among other things library and mucichall .á ASK Architects won the 2. prize
Our proposal was to build a modest building, consideringá the environment oná the site whichá consist ofá turf, rocks and wild flowers.á At the same time, we are building in the center of the town aside of the main square.
The total size of the building is 6.300 m▓.


Open competition on MosfellsbŠr Culture Centre an Church. 2st prize.