Selfoss town centre


Selfoss is a small town of 6500 inhabitants in the south of Iceland.  Selfoss is a part of a group of small towns and villages with a total population of 7600 inhabitants (Árborg).

The Selfoss-town plan came as a 1. st prize result of a competition in the year 2005.  The emphasis is to make a compact center with diverse recreation and apartments among limitations of carpark aboveground to promote savety for pedestrians and bicycles.

The main idea is to make a town square surrounded with buildings of 3-5 floors and a 10 floor citytower. The citysquare is a blend of shops, trade, institutions and cultural aktivities.  The square is connected to a public park which is ideal for a public meetings, concerts and festivals.

The detailplan was formally approved 13. august 2008.


Local plan for Selfoss Town Centre, based on 1st prize comptetition proposal.